Tenovus Cancer Care brings practical advice, emotional support and treatment to where it matters most; the heart of the community. We help cancer patients and their loved ones cope, and through our vital research, we offer hope. We’re the leading cancer charity in Wales and, whenever you need us, we’re here for you.

Facts about our job

  • Every year around 19,000 people in Wales are diagnosed with cancer.
  • Tenovus Cancer Care has funded vital research into cancer for 50 years. Each year we fund £1 million of life-changing research at universities all over Wales, to bring a future without cancer a little closer.
  • Our Mobile Cancer Supports Units travel over 31,000 miles every year, bringing treatment closer to home.

In 1943, Tenovus was founded by ten businessmen. Initially, the charity funded a wide range of projects in the local area. In the 1960s, Tenovus embarked on a project which was to influence our work for the next 50 years. We built the Tenovus Institute for Cancer Research in Cardiff which carried out vital research into the causes of cancer.

Since then, we have concentrated our efforts on cancer and are now recognised across the world for our pioneering work. For example, Tenovus scientists in Cardiff developed the use of Tamoxifen which is now used worldwide to treat breast cancer and Zoladex which treats prostate cancer. Tamoxifen has gone on to be the most successful and widely used breast cancer drug in the world, saving the lives of thousands of women.

Alongside our ground-breaking research, we’ve also developed a system of cancer support services to support cancer patients and their families across the whole of Wales. These services include our Freephone Cancer Support Line, Mobile Cancer Support Units, ManVan, health and wellbeing programme, welfare and benefits advice, counselling service and our 17 Sing with Us cancer support choirs.

Monthly Donations

  • £5 per month or £60 annually

    Means one of our experienced nurses is able to man our free and confidential Support Line in the evening, so anyone frightened or worried about cancer always has someone to talk to.
  • £7.50 per month or £90 annually

    Means someone affected by cancer can have a course of six, one hour counselling sessions. We all try and stay strong for the people we love, but our counsellors are here to listen, so no one has to cope with cancer alone.
  • £10 per month or £120 annually

    Pays for one day of vital cancer research by a PhD student in Wales, helping them to find new ways to prevent it, diagnose it, and treat it.
  • £20 per month or £240 annually

    Means one cancer patient can have 5 chemotherapy sessions on board our Mobile Support Unit, rather than having to go to hospital. We bring treatment closer to home so patients have less
    miles to travel and more time with the people they love.