Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

We help to provide the best possible healthcare for seriously ill children in the UK. We do this by funding Roald Dahl Nurses who provide expert care and support to children with serious illnesses, and their families. We believe every seriously ill child should have access to a Roald Dahl Nurse.

Facts about our job

  • We're the leading supplier of Specialist Paediatric Nurses, with over 70 Roald Dahl Specialist Children's Nurses based in local communities and hospitals throughout the UK.
  • Our focus on rare, undiagnosed and under-funded conditions is inspired by Roald Dahl’s spirit of championing the underdog. Our charity continues his legacy of helping others.
  • Our unique new approach to the creation of nurse posts involves children and their families in a co-design process, to ensure that every nurse post created meets the needs of families.

We believe every child with a serious illness in the UK should have access to the knowledge, skills and experience required to meet their healthcare needs, no matter where they live. That’s why we create and fund specialist nursing posts within the NHS across the UK. We also believe that every seriously ill child should receive quality care. It is essential that children’s nurses across the UK are fully supported to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the best care possible. That’s why we provide professional support to our Roald Dahl nurses through the Roald Dahl Professional Development Package, to enhance their skills and foster innovation to improve services for seriously ill children.

There are over 70 Roald Dahl specialist children’s nurses who care for over 21,000 seriously ill children across the UK at any one time, with conditions such as Sickle Cell Anaemia, Acquired Brain Injury, Rare Diseases, Epilepsy and Syndromes Without A Name. Our Roald Dahl nurses work directly with children and families, providing a critical link between them and other medical staff. They also work to invent new ways to improve the care that they receive through the Marvellous Inventing Room. We also support children and their families through our Marvellous Family Grants, which help families who face financial hardship cope when caring for a seriously ill child. Grants of up to £1000 are available to help families and provide support such as counselling, art or music therapy sessions and access to specialist equipment.

Monthly Donations

  • £10 per month or £120 annually

    Can help a Roald Dahl specialist children’s nurse to give emotional support, essential information and expert care to two families.

  • £20 per month or £240 annually

    Can help a Roald Dahl children’s nurse to stay at the cutting edge to provide the best care possible.