We are PDSA - the UK's leading veterinary charity. With 2.7 million treatments provided every year, we touch the lives of more pets and their owners than any other animal charity in the UK today. We strive to improve pets’ lives through prevention, education and treatment. But we can’t do it alone – your donations fund our operations.

Facts about our job

  • We carry out 2.7 million treatments to more than 470,000 pets every year.
  • We have 48 Pet Hospitals across the UK
  • We treat more pets than any other animal charity in the UK.

Every day, more than 5,300 pets come through our Pet Hospital doors – many in desperate need of lifesaving emergency treatment. Our vets fight hard to save these pets, as if they were their own. We vaccinate, educate and make swift repairs when things go wrong.

Pets are part of the family, they love us unconditionally and are the sole companion to many of the people we help. They don’t deserve to suffer because of economic and social hardship. We care for the pets of the elderly, the disabled and those facing desperate financial situations – treating more pets than any other animal charity every year.

Just as important to us is protecting pets through preventive treatment, and educating the UK’s pet owners on how to keep their pets happy and healthy. 20% of the pets we see have a preventable illness, which is something we simply can’t ignore. We’re determined to do all we can to deliver vital preventive care and education to ensure a better life for all pets. We are a leading authority on all things concerning pet health: whether it’s leading the debate on pet obesity, conducting Britain’s biggest pet wellbeing surveys, raising the status of animals or simply celebrating their contribution to our lives.

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Monthly Donations

  • £5 per month or £60 annually

    £60 could help buy six thermometers, because one degree can be the difference between life and death.

  • £7.50 per month or £90 annually

    £90 could help buy enough anaesthetic for a week’s surgery at a PDSA Pet Hospital.

  • £10 per month or £120 annually

    £120 could help us to keep an arthritic dog pain-free for a whole year.

  • £20 per month or £240 annually

    £240 could buy more than 100 pain relief injections for sick and injured pets.