Abuse ruins childhood, but it can be prevented. That’s why we’re here. That’s what drives all our work, and that’s why – as long as there’s abuse – we will fight for every childhood.

Facts about our job

  • In 2015/16, we helped make 1 million children safer
  • In 2015/16, we visited over 8,400 schools and taught over 765,000 children how to speak out against abuse
  • In 2015/16 Childline carried out over 300,000 counselling sessions with children and young people.

NSPCC stands for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

It means that each of us has a responsibility to keep childhood free from abuse, and we must do everything possible to protect children and prevent it from happening.

We help children rebuild their lives, and we find ways to prevent abuse from ruining any more. When a child needs a helping hand, we’re there. When parents are finding it tough, we help. When laws need to change, or governments need to do more, we don’t give up until things improve.

And they will improve, because we can all play a part in the fight for every childhood. Big or small – through our work, or simply believing, respecting and listening to children – there’s something each of us can do to make things better.

Abuse changes childhood. But together so can we.

Monthly Donations

  • £5 per month or £60 annually

    £5 could pay for our helpline to answer a call from anyone worried about a child’s safety.

  • £7.50 per month or £90 annually

    £7.50 could pay for art materials to help a child who has been abused to express their feelings and begin to feel like themselves again

  • £10 per month or £120 annually

    £10 could pay for a toy phone, which a child could use in play therapy to open up about things they wouldn’t otherwise feel able to share

  • £20 per month or £240 annually

    £20 could pay for our trained volunteer counsellors to answer five children’s calls for help to Childline