Nordoff Robbins

Nordoff Robbins

Everybody knows how music can make us feel. It moves our hearts and minds in a way nothing else can. Nordoff Robbins therapists give a wide range of people physical, social and emotional benefits through the power of music therapy. We help the most vulnerable and isolated people.

Facts about our job

  • 92% said music therapy helped with their interaction, communication and relationships
  • 150 partners we work with including hospitals, schools, day centres and care homes
  • 800,000 people in the UK have dementia

Nordoff Robbins has developed music therapy for over 40 years to improve the quality of life for so many vulnerable and isolated people; living with autism, facing cancer treatment, dealing with dementia, physical and mental disabilities, brain injury, depression, trauma and those coming to the end of their lives. Our music therapists use music in a way for people to experience greater well-being, manage physical pain and emotional distress. It can also be transformational in developing or regaining key skills such as co-ordinated movement or even the ability to communicate.

Music can move us deeply. Nordoff Robbins’ expert therapists use music with the aim of helping people express and work through their needs and feelings, especially where doing so in words is difficult. For our beneficiaries, this can change everything. Children with autism find their voice, people with dementia experience a connection with others that has so often been lost, and people with chronic illnesses can find relief. We rely on our supporters to make all of this happen.

Monthly Donations

  • £5 per month or £60 annually

    Could pay for a musical instrument, giving a child or adult with autism who are struggling to communicate, a way to express themselves

  • £7.50 per month or £90 annually

    Could help pay for a vulnerable child affected by trauma to attend a group therapy session and have the chance to enjoy making music and be in the moment

  • £10 per month or £120 annually

    Could help to fund a one to one music therapy session for a terminally ill child at a hospital

  • £20 per month or £240 annually

    Could help pay for a one to one music therapy session for a non-verbal autistic child to express themselves beyond words