Why offer Payroll Giving

Why not? It’s free to set up and run, it looks great to your customers and employees, it can get you awards and recognition for being a company that cares, and most importantly it could raise a lot of money for charity.

So, put simply, it’s a good thing to do and it’s a good way for a company that cares to show just how much they care, whilst empowering their employees to do the same.

Payroll Giving is important. Encouraging regular donations is vital for the future of charities whose work is sometimes the only thing standing between life and death. But also, it’s good for business; more and more your future employees are looking at what you, as a business, do to put back into the global community and also look after your employees’ emotional wellbeing. If you make it easy for them to do something good whilst at work, then they will feel extra-good about being at work. It’s win-win.

It’s also really easy to set up. You need to pick a Payroll Giving Agent (which we can help you with) and fill out some paper work (which we will supply). Once that’s done, and the payroll team have been updated on the admin side of things, you are ready to promote the scheme to employees, which is where we step in to do the lion’s share of the work for you. You will find some more clarity on the overall process on our “how it works” page.

Payroll Giving is also not just for large businesses – our team have worked with clients ranging from 7 to 70,000 staff, so if you want it, we can help you get it.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch if you think you’re ready to start the ball rolling, or if you still have more questions, then below are some of the most common things we get asked by employers.

  1. What’s the difference between you and the Agent?
    The Agent’s role is to enable you to allow your employees to do this, therefore they disburse the money and administer the scheme for you. Most also offer a basic sign-up form and sometimes a poster. Our role is separate but complementary to theirs. Our expertise lies in marketing your scheme and getting employees using it in the first place. Most employers who do not use the services of an organisation like us find it hard to engage employees and have very limited resources to do anything about that.
  2. How much does it cost?
    It doesn’t have to cost you anything to set up or promote – just a bit of time and resource, and even then not much of that! However half of employers running a scheme do pay any associated admin fees (charged by the Payroll Giving Agent) and many also offer some sort of matching on top of employee donations. It’s not essential to do either and you are not obliged to, however, even adding £10 to the first donation employees make shows that you care about this scheme and want to make it better for them, so it’s worth considering. It’s worth also noting that any costs spent setting up/running your scheme can be off-set against Corporation Tax. Contact us to chat about the options around matching (etc) in more detail.
  3. What happens if no one joins the scheme once we’ve set it up?
    Like a bank account, once your scheme is set up it’s there to be used as and when. Even if no one is giving, it’s still there ready and waiting for you to do an internal drive to get people using it. In most cases, once promoted effectively, 10% or more of employees will opt in to use the scheme, so any unused schemes just need promoting! After a few years the Agent may “void” your scheme, so contact us if you want us to see if you have anything already lurking in the background ready to use.
  4. How do employees sign up?
    They need to fill out a valid Payroll Giving form – which when you work with us, we will supply in a format suited to the way in which you are communicating with employees at that point. We will also do ALL the leg-work associated with promotions if you want, just let us know and we can support you as much or as little as you need.
  5. Why would we not just work with one of the Payroll Giving Agents directly?
    You can, however our roles are different and complimentary. Those employers who engage the services of an organisation like us, to support them in marketing and generally running the scheme, as well as an Agent to disburse the funds, find they have better employee engagement, raise more money for charity, have won more awards and have gained more press and PR than those who just liaise with the Agent.
  6. What about any awards, press and PR associated with this scheme?
    There are lots! From the Government Payroll Giving Quality Marks to the Payroll Giving Excellence Awards, there are plenty of opportunities for an ambitious company to get recognised as having a ‘workforce for good’. Contact us to find out more.
  7. What services do The Payroll Giving Team offer me?
    Our expertise is in helping you get employees giving, however we can support you as much or as little as you like. We can offer you bespoke online sign-up pages, posters, email copy and a variety of other marketing tools. We can also help you sign off internally designed materials or give you bullet points for an internal presentation. It’s up to you. Contact us to discuss your needs, wants and requirements.
  8. Do The Payroll Giving Team charge us anything for their services?
    In short, no. We are funded by the charities we represent, so our services to you are free. We reserve the right to withhold resources should we feel they are not the best use of them, however we aim to offer our clients as many of our services as possible, without charge. Some costs may be incurred for particular bespoke work however these would be highlighted, quoted, and agreed with clients upfront.
  9. Why should we use The Payroll Giving Team?
    We think we are the best; the most creative, the most inventive and have the strongest relationships with our charities and clients – but don’t just take our word for it! See our case studies section to hear first-hand what working with our clients has enabled them to achieve.