Case studies

It’s always nice to hear first hand what makes a company like ours one that a company like yours would want to work with.

We have handpicked a few of our best clients’ stories where we’ve helped them put their heart and soul into making Payroll Giving something to be proud of within their organisations. The Payroll Giving Team worked alongside them all the way – supporting them however they needed us to; be that providing creative ideas, checking terminology or simply helping them in the delivery of their message.

There’s no “one size fits all” when promoting Payroll Giving, so if you want to do something great like they have then please get in touch and we will help you find the right approach to suit your organisation.

Stewarts introduced Payroll Giving after receiving a letter from Gary Grant, Executive Chairman at The Entertainer, which was encouraging them to introduce Payroll Giving.

After an in-depth consultation session with our team, they were really keen to introduce and launch this fantastic way of giving across all 300 of their employees, located in Leeds and London.

They went for a digital launch – using emails, intranet and their Social Media platforms to engage as many employees as possible.

They partnered with Charities Trust as their Payroll Giving Agent, who kindly offered to match all new joiner donations up to £10 per person, so our promotions obviously shouted this amazing offer from the roof-tops!

The email campaign was spear-headed by the Chief Operating Officer, Phillip Studd, and there was such a great response, we extended it by another week so that everyone could have enough time to choose their charities and sign up.

Overall, 8% of the workforce pledged to give every month to more than 25 charities, with the average gift being near £15! Those giving will also collectively raise £10,164 across the next 12 months – what a marvelous result for charities!

“Stewarts has a strong culture of giving having set up its own Foundation in 2010 which has now given over £5m to deserving causes. Teaming up with The Payroll Giving Team has meant we can offer an easy path for staff to give to their preferred charities in a simple and tax efficient way without any administrative burden on the firm.” Philip Studd – Chief Operating Officer.

Chestertons is a 200 year old London and international residential property specialist. Although they are an international company with a global reach, they fully embrace their role as the local agent in each of the communities they operate and charity/ charitable activity is key to daily life in each branch and the overall business ethos.

Chestertons have had Payroll Giving for over 5 years, with initial success at point of launch, following branch visits by their (then) PFO, however the scheme then dwindled due to a lack of further promotion, staff turn-over and no specific ‘internal ownership’ of the scheme.

After starting a charity partnership with St Mungo’s, as well launching a charity committee in 2015, they wanted to revamp their Payroll Giving scheme and make it integral to their overall strategy. 

The committee comprised of representatives from across the business, tasked with deciding their CSR & Charitable Giving strategy and policies. Three years on, they have now got 30% of all employees giving every month, raising £thousands for a wide variety of charities every year!

Chestertons opted to pay all admin fees and also introduced donation matching in 2018. Deputy Chairman, Alan Collins, lends his support to the scheme and champions it himself internally; he can even be seen at Payroll Giving’s 30th Birthday celebrations donning a party hat and telling us why he thinks Payroll Giving is so valuable! The company now matches ALL donations £ for £, that includes new joiners AND  existing givers – what a fantastic offering for employees!

They achieved this through annual structured (and effectively communicated) branch visits, as well as doing ongoing internal promotions of Payroll Giving throughout the year (such as putting up Geared for Giving campaign boards in their branch windows which publicly thank their staff for their generosity. They do this every #GivingTuesday!) 

Chestertons also want to inspire other employers so regularly put out press releases to celebrate their achievements, such as when they won the 2017 National Payroll Giving Excellence Award for “Best Promotional Partnership with The Payroll Giving Team”, as well as to celebrate their being among the first in the UK to be awarded a Diamond level Payroll Giving Quality Mark. 

“We try and encourage all our staff to give something back to the community in whatever way they can, whether that’s through fundraising, volunteering or raising awareness. As a company, we are focused on making a difference and having a real impact, and we hope to inspire others to follow our lead. We have achieved a great level of engagement through take up of the scheme in the last year and we aim to reach over 40% participation by 2019. Payroll Giving is one of the most successful initiatives that we have implemented to help make it easier for employees to donate and support a charity of their choice. We are all incredibly proud of our Diamond Quality Mark award. It’s a great accomplishment.” Giles Milner – Marketing Director

After Motorpoint held a recent engagement survey with employees, they learned that people wanted to ‘give more back to the charities that they really cared about’. Motorpoint engaged the services of The Payroll Giving Team to offer their team a flexible and cost effective way to give to the charities that they love.

They’ve had a fantastic first campaign and are very proud to announce a 15% uptake, donating more than £10,000 (annually) and have further visits planned across their sites.

Motorpoint are also very excited to qualify for the Gold Level Government Payroll Giving Quality Mark for 2020!

Communication has been key to the success of this campaign; they sent out fun pictures of Directors showcasing their chosen charities with their bespoke Payroll Giving board, and did the same with all team members. They continue to share photos through internal communication channels and social media.

”The uptake has been extremely positive and the team are very excited about the scheme. Motorpoint love that it fits perfectly with their values; making team members’ happy and proud. It also allows them to be supportive of the causes they really care about.” Lois Miller – HR Project Manager

Mindshare UK have been promoting Payroll Giving to their employees since since 2007. Visits involve us going to their Head office bi-annually, as well as when they get any ‘new starters’.  Communications are sent out before our events are the foundation of the success of our promotions as they go out across ALL possible internal channels (I.E. emails, posters, intranet updates, and even newsletters!).

Additionally, senior level cross-company support always ensures the event is a success; all our visits will include a free coffee and cake for all new joiners (as a thank you from Mindshare) as well as raffles and other incentives to engage to really get people interested in our presence.
It’s a really laid-back approach – we are now seen as part of the ‘family’ by many and welcomed back at every opportunity: It’s a relationship The Payroll Giving Team really treasure.
In 2019 Mindshare topped the ‘Quality Mark charts’ by achieving a DIAMOND level award for the first time ever, joining the few elite UK employers who have also achieved this.
The Mindshare Payroll Giving scheme has raised over £114,000 since it’s launch, benefiting more than 110 different charities! Definitely something to be celebrated and aspired to!
“Mindshare is delighted to offer Payroll Giving to its employees, enabling them to support their chosen charities directly through their pay, tax efficiently. Receiving the Diamond Quality Mark highlights the high percentage of employees who want to make a difference, and working with The Payroll Giving Team makes it easy for businesses to offer this option.” – Jennifer Healy – Chief Talent Officer

Linklaters LLP is a leading Global Law Firm with roughly 1750 employees who engaged The Payroll Giving Team’s services to help grow the uptake on their existing scheme and revive employee interest.

They currently boast over 200 people actively giving each month – 12% total uptake – and are in line for another Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark this year.

Visits are organised for the London twice a year in their restaurant; these are championed by their Senior/ Director Level team as well as their CSR team in advance, which really helps get people out of their seats to attend the event.

A huge motivator for employees is that Linklaters also offer a ‘one off’ company donation on top of the employees contribution, if they get involved on the day of the event, as well as a fantastic raffle and other treats! For example, the 2018 Christmas event included Christmas cupcakes, mince pies, the raffle (which included a hamper worth £100!) and a Payroll Giving related quiz!

The firm used TV screens  around the building to feature quotes from existing givers and to advertise the event, and afterwards the Communications Team send out company wide “Thank You” messages to ensure everyone knows what a huge impact the day’s event had for charities.

“Running alongside our strategic, skills-based programmes, Payroll Giving is an unique and effective way to support the causes closest to our people’s hearts. Our partnership with The Payroll Giving Team has provided fresh impetus to the scheme, highlighting its ease and transparency, not to mention reminding people of the additional contributions offered by the firm. It is a great way to demonstrate that what matters to our people matters to us and feedback has been excellent. We look forward to growing its reach further in the months and years ahead.” Matt Sparkes – Head of CR

Time Out introduced Payroll Giving to their London office team in April 2017, and in less than 2 years have already been awarded with a Gold Quality Mark for their achievements in having more than 10% of the workplace giving from their pay.

The scheme matched their company ethos around giving, and it was important for them  wanting to offer each and every one of their employees the choice of being able to ‘give back’ but more importantly being able to give to who they wanted to and with the flexibility and benefits the scheme offers.

During the launch, we raised more than £5000 (annually) for various different charities in just one day!  To thank their employees for taking part on the day there were lots of treats on offer as well as a raffle to win a luxury hamper.

Time Out are also now supporting the scheme for #GivingTuesday which is a well recognised, national campaign run every year. This campaign is promoted heavily on all social media platforms and raises awareness to giving back which sits perfectly within their ethos.

Since the launch we have been back in the office (and will continue to do so every year) and are now on the way to reaching a Platinum award for 2019 with more than 20% of staff on the scheme. The team here are full of enthusiasm towards the scheme and its benefits and will continue to promote the scheme and its values in their workplace!

“Time Out and our employees value social responsibility and having a positive impact on others and our surroundings. Payroll Giving empowers our employees to give back to the charities that mean the most to them, in a simple and efficient way.” Georgina Russell – HR Advisor

The Entertainer has a very strong ethos of giving within the company. They introduced Payroll Giving, championed by MD Gary Grant, because they felt that the scheme embodied their belief that they, as a workforce, could do something truly wonderful for charity.

Currently at whopping a 50% employee uptake across the business there have been a huge variety of approaches taken when promoting this method of giving.

They have: matched donations, invited MPs into stores on their scheme’s first anniversary, run a cake bake-off, sent thank you cards to those giving, arranged for some of their Payroll-Giving employees to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital, translated scheme materials into Polish, promoted the scheme at Store Manager Conferences and during employee training sessions… that’s not all, but I think you get the point!

Needless to say that through this immense amount of activity they have achieved phenomenal things for charity, as well as lots (and lots) of Awards and recognition for their efforts.

In 2019 they’ve hit a total of £1MILLION raised for charities through the scheme, including matching! 

They are true pioneers in the movement toward a better way of giving to charity; not only by setting high expectations internally, but by actively encouraging other companies to follow their lead through their extensive support of the Geared for Giving campaign.

“It’s so important to us that we, as an organisation, are doing what we can to make a difference in the world, and that our employees are empowered to do this whilst at work. We are all able to do something great and we want our employees job to feed into that feeling, not limit it. Those who join the Entertainer are joining others in having a positive impact on other people’s lives and we hope they are inspired to do this throughout the rest of their lives.” Jon Savage – Head of People, The Entertainer


Cancer Research UK has been working in partnership with The Payroll Giving Team to promote Payroll Giving for many years.

Payroll Giving is important to Cancer Research UK for lots of reasons. Every year, around 360,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in the UK. While 10-year cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years, we still have a long way to go.

Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest independent funder of cancer research and has played a role in developing 8 of the world’s top 10 cancer drugs. We receive no Government funding for our work and so rely on the generosity of our supporters.Our supporters help fund pioneering research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, helping to save millions of lives in the UK and worldwide.

The research projects we fund often span many years and Payroll Giving is great because it provides a regular source of income, allowing us to plan ahead and commit to long-term funding. Plus, because Payroll Giving is the most tax-efficient way to give, donations can go further, enabling us to fund even more life-changing research.

Every year, our Payroll Givers donate enough money to fund a research group at our prestigious Cambridge Institute for over one year. Working with the The Payroll Giving Team enables us to reach people from across the UK, helping us to grow our supporter base and accelerating our progress to beat cancer.

We are grateful to The Payroll Giving Team for their continued commitment to Payroll Giving, and for being part of our mission to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.